Michael J. Fox admits Embryonic Stem Cell Research may not hold Cure for Parkinson’s Disease

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 20th, 2012

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During the 2006 midterm elections Rush Limbaugh and actor Michael J. Fox were at the center of a Missouri initiative to allow funding for embryonic stem cell research.  Limbaugh claimed Fox went off of his meds in political campaign ads to exaggerate the effects of the disease.  A webcam showed Limbaugh even mimicking Fox’s appearance.  Which did not make Limbaugh very popular. 

The ads said that embryonic stem cell research held the best possible chance to find a cure.  Opponents said that it would lead to harvesting human fetuses for medical research.  And contrary to the claims and media blitz embryonic stem cell research showed no such promising hope.  There were successes with adult stem cell research.  But not with embryonic stem cell research.  But the Left championed embryonic stem cell research as the Holy Grail to cure all that ails us.  Now some 6 years later even Michael J. Fox admits this research path may not yield the cure (see Michael J. Fox Looks Past Stem Cells to Internet for Parkinson’s Cure by Russell Goldman, ABC News, posted 5/18/2012 on Yahoo! News).

Michael J. Fox, whose turn from Parkinson’s disease patient to scientific crusader made him one of the country’s most visible advocates for stem cell research, now believes the controversial therapy may not ultimately yield a cure for his disease, he told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview.

There have been “problems along the way,” Fox said of stem cell studies, for which he has long advocated.   Instead, he said, new drug therapies are showing real promise and are “closer today” to providing a cure for Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative illness that over time causes the body to become rigid and the brain to shut down.

 “Stem cells are an avenue of research that we’ve pursued and continue to pursue but it’s part of a broad portfolio of things that we look at. There have been some issues with stem cells, some problems along the way,” said Fox, who suffers from the diseases’ telltale tics and tremors.

 “It’s not so much that [stem cell research has] diminished in its prospects for  breakthroughs as much as it’s the other avenues of research have grown and multiplied and become as much or more promising. So, an answer may come from stem cell research but it’s more than likely to come from another area,” he said.

So why did the Left build up such false hopes?  Why did they insist that embryonic stem cell research held the secrets to cure people suffering from everything from Parkinson’s disease to paralysis?  They didn’t base it on medical research.  So what was it based on?  Politics.  I mean, if it was not good science what else could it be?  So what are the politics in this issue?  One can only guess it had to do with the source of those embryonic stem cells.  Abortions.  Perhaps the number one issue on the Left. 

Could this have all been about trying to give a higher and nobler purpose for all of those abortions?  That these aborted lives did not die in vain?  That they sacrificed so others may live?  Perhaps.  There is a reason why the Left championed this cause.  And this would explain why they would have given false hope to so many.  To further entrench abortion into our lives.

Everyone likes Michael J. Fox.  Whether you agree with his politics or not.  He deserved far better than to use his celebrity and his disease for political gain.



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