The Mean Grownups are Taking Away our Children’s Twinkies

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 12th, 2012

Week in Review

It could be the end of an era.  And of happy childhood memories for future generations of children.  Who may not know the joy of a delicious Twinkies snack cake.  Otherwise known as childhood nirvana.  The best part of taking your lunch to school.  The best part of coming home from school.  Soon to be no more.  All gone.  Instead, sadness.  And weeping (see Hostess Sends Layoff Notices to All Workers by Jacqueline Palank posted 5/7/2012 on The Wall Street Journal).

Hostess Brands Inc. on Friday sent out letters notifying its more-than 18,000 workers that they could be laid off in the next two months.

The maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread on Friday mailed out WARN Act notices to all of its employees, a Hostess spokeswoman confirmed to Bankruptcy Beat Monday. The federal WARN Act requires companies to give employees 60 days notice before closing a facility or ordering mass layoffs. However, sending the notices doesn’t mean a company is definitely going to lay off the recipients.

“The conditional WARN notices were sent to alert employees that a sale or wind down of the company is possible in the future. There are no immediate actions being taken,” spokeswoman Anita-Marie Laurie said Monday in an emailed statement. “Our goal is to emerge from bankruptcy as a growing company with a strong future—one that continues to provide good jobs with competitive wages and benefits.”

Hostess’s future remains uncertain, largely dependent upon the outcome of negotiations with its two big unions over the fate of their labor agreements as well as upon its search for new capital…

Together, the Teamsters and BCTGM represent 14,101 of Hostess’s 18,400 active workers.

Grownups.  Once again spoiling children’s happiness.  Do your homework.  Take your bath.  Make your bed.  Clean your room.  And now this.  The greed of grownups.  Threatening a childhood institution. 

Where’s the government bailout?  Like GM.  And Chrysler.  Oh, wait a minute.  These snack foods aren’t vegetables.  They’re delicious.  The very opposite of vegetables.  Which is why kids like them.  But, alas, they’re not ‘healthy’.  Like a stick of celery.  Yum.  And with this administration’s ‘war on fatties’ I guess we can say goodbye to these 18,400 workers.  Perhaps they can get some government retraining for a new career.  Something more healthy.  And wholesome.  Like picking vegetables.  That we can force feed to our kids.

And soon our children will go to bed.  Dreaming of a happier time.  When they looked with joy at the Twinkies Mother put in their lunch bag.  Others will dream of the stories they heard about those magical times that they never knew.  And children everywhere will try to fall asleep curled up in the fetal position.  In a pool of their own tears.  Because the mean grownups took away their Twinkies.


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