Cost Cutting and Rationing in the NHS has Patients being Treated in Corridors where they Wait for a Bed

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 12th, 2012

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Yet another example of the cost pressures on a national health care system.  And the ill affect those cost pressures have on their patients (see Patients ‘treated in corridors’, claims Royal College of Nursing by Nick Triggle posted 5/12/2012 on BBC News Health).

Patients are being left stranded on trolleys for hours and forced to have treatment in corridors due in part to the loss of hospital beds, nurses say…

The RCN said that was putting patients at risk by potentially leaving them without access to essential equipment such as oxygen supplies and heart monitoring equipment as well as compromising their privacy and dignity.

Other problems highlighted included ambulances being forced to queue outside A&E units and patients being put in unsuitable wards.

The RCN said the crisis was being caused by a combination of staff shortages, the long-standing drive to reduce the number of beds in hospitals and the rise in A&E admissions…

Mike Farrar, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents hospitals, said the problems identified should not be happening.

But he added hospitals were facing a struggle because of “growing financial pressure and significant structural upheaval”.

In other words the cost of Britain’s national health care is growing so great that they are cutting costs and rationing care.  To treat as many people as possible with their limited resources.  Which can be expected in a country with an aging population that is living longer. 

It took the National Health Service (NHS) awhile to get here.  Obamacare is starting with these dire statistics.  So there will even be more cost cutting and rationing under Obamacare.  Which will try to treat far more people with their limited resources.  Which begs the question whose bright idea was Obamacare?  And couldn’t they see the problems the NHS has been having these past few decades?


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