Foreigners using Britain’s Free Health Care are making that Free Health Care ever more Expensive

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 6th, 2012

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National health care systems are straining budgets everywhere.  As countries constantly cut costs and improve efficiencies.  To keep their floundering systems afloat.  And every time they think they’re getting their costs under control something like this comes to light (see GPs ‘threatened with legal action’ for taking failed asylum seekers off surgery lists posted 5/3/2012 on The Telegraph).

It emerged in an investigation which revealed that more than £40 million is owed to NHS hospitals by foreign patients who were not eligible for free care, research indicates…

Freedom of Information requests by Pulse revealed the average unpaid debt for the provision of care to foreign nationals was £230,000 in the 35 trusts which responded.

If this figure was the same across all 168 English acute trusts, the total debt would be almost £40 million, the magazine claimed…

In response to the figures Dr Richard Vautrey, deputy chairman of the British Medical Association’s GP committee, said trusts must put in place arrangements ”that ensure people cannot exploit the system”.

A spokesperson for St George’s told Pulse: ”A high percentage of our patients require life-saving trauma, neuroscience, cardiovascular or paediatric care…

”It is too simplistic to call it health tourism. The reality is a lot more complex.”

The investigation comes days after campaigners warned GPs had too much freedom to register sick foreigners who may not be entitled to expensive British healthcare…

The group’s chairman Sir Andrew Green said: ”To allow such easy and potentially hugely-expensive access without any entitlement must be stopped at once, otherwise the NHS risks becoming the World Health Service.”

The National Health Service (NHS) is the biggest chunk of Britain’s deficit.  So not only do they tax their people heavily they borrow heavily as they are already facing an uphill battle.  An aging population that is living longer is consuming ever more health care services.  And they don’t need to add more to a straining system.  Especially when they are not paying any taxes to fund the NHS.  Or paying any taxes to service the debt that funds the NHS.

Even when the health care is ‘free’ someone has to pay for it.  Because nothing is truly free.  All of this free health care is pushing Britain to the breaking point.  As Obamacare will push the U.S. to the breaking point.  Based on current exchange rates and population differences between the UK and the US, Obamacare could expect a foreign patient loss of approximately $325 million annually.  Or more.  Probably a lot more.  Especially if it’s treat first; bill later.  For people already travel to the US for the best in health care treatment.  Just imagine the health tourism when that care is free to American nationals.  And treat first, bill later for everyone else.  When it becomes difficult to say no.  Because saying no will bring in the lawyers with discrimination lawsuits.  So it will be treat first; bill later.  And based on the UK experience, a large percentage of those bills will go unpaid.

With a large budget deficit already exceeding one trillion dollars all of this health care spending will fall directly to the deficit.  Making it ever larger.  With no hopes of ever reducing it.  Especially when Obamacare evolves into the World Health Service.  Which we can’t afford any more than we could afford being the world’s policeman.  So when will it end?  This ever increasing government spending?  Soon.  And it won’t be pretty.  Because there just won’t be enough people to tax to service the accumulated debt.  And pay for Obamacare.  As well as everything else in the bloated federal budget.  Then the debt defaults will start.  Followed by the collapse of the banking system.  And then the depression.  Sort of like the Great Depression.  Only with a massive welfare state collapsing on top of it. 

But on they spend.  These old people.  Taking comfort in the fact they will be dead before the collapse.  So only their children will suffer through the experience of the oncoming economic carnage.  So not only are they bad stewards of the people’s trust.  They’re bad parents, too.  And if they sacrifice their own children what hope do we have?


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