Some Canadian Doctors are Apparently Putting Profits before People

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 5th, 2012

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The proponents of national health care say we need a national health care system like Canada has.  Where they put people before profits.  Which is what Obamacare will do.  Or so they say.  At least they hope it will make the American health care system as good as the Canadian one.  Which has stripped out of it the evil influences of capitalism.  And financial profit (see Manitoba MDs warned about limiting patient complaints posted 5/3/2012 on CBC News Health).

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba says it’s concerned that a growing number of doctors are asking patients to book separate appointments for each medical complaint they have.

The college, which governs medical practices in the province, is worried that doctors who limit a patient’s complaints during a visit may end up missing important information…

The woman’s husband, Bruce Angus, told CBC News earlier this week that his wife, Samantha, had originally gone to the doctor to discuss her back pain.

But when Samantha tried to mention that she was also having chest pains, the doctor allegedly said, “One appointment, one problem” and walked out of the office, according to Angus.

Samantha Angus, 60, died of a heart attack last week, about two weeks after that medical appointment took place…

Pope said the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) publishes a handbook that advises independent doctors on how to run their practices.

“You should consider how to educate your patients that the time you can offer for a ‘regular’ office appointment may limit the number of medical issues that can be addressed during a single visit,” the CMA’s guidelines for private practice states.

Pope admitted that doctors do have an incentive to limit the amount of time spent with each patient. Doctors are compensated by the province based on each visit.

Financial incentive?  In the Canadian health care system?  Say it isn’t so.  But there it is.  A system just dripping with profits.  And profit seekers.  So much for putting people before profits.

Are the Canadian doctors evil?  No.  They’re just rational.  They’ve spent a lot of time and money to become doctors.  And a national health care system doesn’t want to reward them for all of that hard work.  Instead, they want to make these doctors serve out of the goodness of their hearts.  Not for a large paycheck.  While the politicians no doubt make as much if not more than these doctors.  Without the time or money these doctors spent.  Either that or Canadians are just as greedy as Americans.

Something else to expect in the coming era of Obamacare.


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