Short of Beds in the NHS they discharge Patients (Including the Elderly) in the Middle of the Night

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 21st, 2012

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 Most of us no doubt have stayed in a motel or hotel where there was an early morning knock on the door.  Followed by an opening of your door by housekeeping eager to make up your room.  Which can be rather surprising.  Annoying.  And even frightening.  Especially if you’re undressed and about to turn on the shower.  Or otherwise occupied in the bathroom.  But you understand.  Because we’ve also been at the check-in desk before our check-in time.  Waiting.  Because we can’t go to our room yet.  Because housekeeping hasn’t made up our room yet from its last guest.  So on the one hand you don’t want to be disturbed early morning by housekeeping.  But on the other you want housekeeping to rouse late risers to get them out of your room so you don’t have to wait.  Apparently it’s the same way in the National Health Service (NHS) in England (see NHS’s Sir Bruce Keogh warns over overnight discharging posted 4/17/2012 on the BBC News Health).

Hospitals in England have been told to end the practice of discharging patients in the middle of the night in order to free up beds.

The NHS medical director has written to Strategic Health Authorities saying it is unacceptable to send people home when they may have no family support…

They suggest 100 NHS trusts sent 239,233 patients home between 23:00 and 06:00 in 2011…

“While some patients may of course choose to be discharged during these hours, the examples highlighted of elderly patients being left to make their way home by themselves in the middle of the night are obviously unacceptable, and need to be addressed urgently,” Sir Bruce wrote.

That’s pretty cold.  Even in the worst motel/hotel you’ve ever stayed at they don’t kick you out in the middle of the night to make up your room.  I guess that’s because the motel/hotel business has greater resources than the NHS.  And can wait to make up your rooms after the sun rises.

This is yet another example of rationing in national health care.  Which is what we can expect with Obamacare.  They are so short of beds that they are kicking people out in the middle of the night to open a bed for another patient.  Why?  Because they are so overcrowded that they just don’t have enough beds for their patients.  So out they go.  In the middle of the night.  Some of them senior citizens.  Left to fend for themselves in finding a way home. 

But it’s better this way.  Because in national health care they put people before profits.  Unlike in private health care.  Where they put profits first.  And, because they do, they don’t have to kick out patients in the wee hours of the morning.  They can wait until after the sun rises.  Because they have more resources for their patients in private health care.  Such as they have in the U.S.  That is, until Obamacare kicks in.  Which will add more patients into the health care system.  Far more than the NHS has.  And they will, therefore, have to ration more than the NHS does.  So they can stretch those resources to cover everyone.  Where some will have to go without.  To make resources available for others.  And you can guess who those people going without will be.  The same people who have the greatest trouble finding their way home in England after getting discharged in the middle of the night.  The elderly.

Welcome to Obamacare.


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