Kim Jong-un can’t Feed his People but he can Spend $1 Billion to Test Launch a Nuclear Ballistic Missile

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 15th, 2012

Week in Review

And our little dance with North Korea continues.  We offer them food aid.  And then they test launch a nuclear ballistic missile.  Usually they wait to get their food before they start the next dance.  But they didn’t this time.  Probably to show that their new leader, the twenty something Kim Jong-un, has a pair.  To show his people he’s not afraid of the big bad wolf.  Which would be the United States in this metaphor.  To show how tough he is.  And how willing he is to let his people starve to death.  Yeah, he’s that tough.  The message to his people being “now do something to deserve some punishment and see what a cruel bastard I can be” (see Rocket failure cost at least US$1 billion by AP posted 4/15/2012 on The Taipei Times).

North Korea’s much-touted satellite launch ended in a nearly US$1 billion failure, bringing humiliation to the country’s new young leader and condemnation from a host of nations. The UN Security Council deplored the launch, but stopped short of imposing new penalties in response.

The rocket’s disintegration on Friday over the Yellow Sea brought a rare public acknowledgment of failure from Pyongyang, which had hailed the launch as a show of strength amid North Korea’s persistent economic hardship…

The launch brought swift international condemnation, including the suspension of US food aid, and raised concerns that the North’s next move could be even more provocative — a nuclear test, the country’s third.

North Korea can’t afford to feed their own people but they can spend $1 billion to put a satellite into orbit that none of their people can benefit from.  If you look at a nighttime picture of North Korea you’ll see the country is mostly dark.  They don’t have the money or the infrastructure to use electricity to light up their cities at night let alone receive anything electronic from that satellite.  But to save face they may now do something nuclear.  Again, something they can afford.  Unlike feeding the good people of their country.

North Korea is proud of their ‘military first’ policy.  For that is what’s important to their leaders.  After all, why feed your people when they may just starve to death anyway in another month or two?  Yet the American Left is far more vocal in their condemnation of the U.S. military than anything the North Koreans do.  Say all you want about the centuries old argument between guns and butter but one thing you can’t say is that the North Korean poor have an obesity problem.  Like they do in the United States.

The international community needs a plan on how to reintegrate the two Koreas without overwhelming the South Koreans or the Chinese.  Their nearest neighbors who undoubtedly will carry the heaviest cost in any reunification.  Perhaps line up some corporations to invest heavily in North Korea.  To find some resources they can extract.  To do a little job creation in North Korea.  And generate some wealth they can use to slowly build their infrastructure.  And grow the food to feed their people.  If we could communicate a viable plan to the oppressed North Koreans we could end this nonsense.  And help these people find a way to a better life.  And ultimately, hopefully, to reunification.  Or at the least an open and free border between the Koreas.  To bring together separated families.  While they’re still alive to be reunited.


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