The Canadians have a Healthy Economy and Housing Sector thanks to Energy Resources they Bring to Market

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 14th, 2012

Week in Review

The United States still wallows in recession.  For all the talk of the improving economy more people are out of work than ever before.  The Democrats blame George W. Bush for this.  Like they blame him for everything.  But President Obama is about to close out his 4th year in office.  And if you count the 2 years Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats controlled both houses of Congress that’s 6 years of Democrat control of the economy.  Which means the last time anyone can blame George W. Bush for things economic was 2006.  So you can’t blame the last three and a half years on Bush.  Unless President Obama wasn’t the president for the last three and a half years.  But the last time I checked he was.  So is it Obama’s fault?  Or is it simply beyond anyone’s control to fix this economy?  Perhaps we should ask the Canadians (see Resources fuelling B.C. economy and housing demand: economist by Gerry Kahrmann posted 4/11/2012 on The Vancouver Sun).

The resources sector is not only fuelling British Columbia’s economy but also its housing market, the Vancouver Real Estate Forum heard Wednesday…

It’s true that house prices have gone up much faster in Canada than in the United States, where prices are still 25- to 30-per-cent lower than when the recession began, Jestin said…

“Why is the Canadian market red hot? Record levels of employment, lifetime lows in interest rates, more confidence that the Canadian economy can continue in a buoyant way over the next few years,” he said…

“The resource story translates very very clearly into the gains in the housing market,” Jestin said. It’s those provinces too where economic growth will be the greatest over the next few years because of continued demand for resources, he said.

The resources sector covers things like mining, natural gas, oil and other energy and mineral extraction.  Such as all that oil the Canadians are fracking out of their shale deposits.  A nation that, although green, is not stupid.  They know the world runs on energy.  As does a modern economy.  So they are bringing their energy resources to market.  Creating jobs.  Saving the housing industry.  And giving people confidence.  None of which they’re doing in the United States.

The Obama administration is a green administration, also.  But a childlike naive one.  Unlike the Canadians.  That refuses to accept that the modern economy requires energy.   And that America has energy resources.  As proven on private lands where energy jobs are a plenty.  Where they’re fracking oil out of our shale deposits like there is no tomorrow.  And so much natural gas that it’s dirt cheap these days.  Which is what happens when you flood the market with these energy resources.  But they shut down that industry on all federal land.  And in the Gulf of Mexico.  Foolishly believing that windmills and solar panels will power a modern economy.  Not understanding what it takes to move a train or an airplane from point A to point B.  Oil.  Fossil fuels.  Energy resources.  For no amount of wind or solar energy will get a fully loaded 747 off of the ground.  

So, yes, it’s President Obama’s fault.  And his foolish naive green energy policies.  For if we brought our energy resources to market like the Canadians we could have a healthy economy like the Canadians have.  But no.  We have to pour billions of dollars into green energy initiatives and watch them go bankrupt.  Sort of like putting parsley on the people’s plates.  Just so the people can through it away.  And that concept bothered Fred Flintstone.  He got it.  And he was from the Stone Age.  Pity President Obama didn’t get it.  For he will continue to put tax dollars into failed green energy initiatives.  Just so these people can through it away.


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