Electric Car Sales and Range are Still Anemic but their Prices are Not

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 7th, 2012

Week in Review

Electric cars are the technology of tomorrow.  The savior of the planet.  Especially the all-electric ones.  For they don’t pollute when they drive.  Of course, they pollute more when they charge thanks to those fossil fuel-fired electrical power plants.  But they’re here.  And we’re saved.  Thanks to the new electric cars sweeping the nation.  Here’s a look at 7 of those cars (see 7 electric cars for the future by Anne VanderMey posted 4/2/2012 on CNN Money).

Expensive cars.  And some pretty sad stats.  Number sold.  For all two cars.  And those range numbers.  The Nissan Leaf delivers a whopping 73 miles on a single charge.  Which is about an hour’s drive on a freeway.  Maybe.  Without headlights, heat or air conditioning no doubt.  Or a loud sound system.  Not very useful.  Or enjoyable.  Unless you like freezing or sweating (depending on the time of year) while driving blind in the dark with nothing to listen to but the sound of your battery draining.  And the kicker is you just can’t pull off the freeway and top off your battery.  Depending on the voltage of the charging system you could be stopped from 20 minutes to an hour.  Even overnight.  No wonder no one is buying these cars.

Now contrast that with the Chevy Impala.  A full-size four-door sedan with a V-6 engine that burns gasoline at a rate of about 30 miles per gallon.  With the 17 gallon tank that gives a range of about 510 miles on a full tank.  Or about 7 hours of driving on the freeway.  And And when you run low on gas all you have to do is pull off the road and top off the tank at a conveniently located gas station.  Which shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes if you pay at the pump.  And then you have another 510 miles to go.  With, I might add, headlights, heat, air conditioning and a kick-ass sound system.

Which kind of makes the choice between all-electric and gasoline-power easy.  Which is why they sell about 18,000 Impalas.  Each month.  And you can get a pretty nice one for under $30,000 that can seat six.  And a huge trunk.  A car just made for cruising down the highway with the family.  Going where the road takes you.  And bringing home a lot of souvenirs.  Something you just can’t do in your all-electric car.



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