Chevys and Jeeps appear to be Catching on Fire while being Driven

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 1st, 2012

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More cars are catching on fire.  What these car companies need is more government help.  Active government intervention to help make their cars safer.  Like we know GM and Chrysler cars will now be.  Thanks to the caring and profit-less motives of our kind and loving government.  So exactly whose cars are catching on fire (see Fires in Chevrolet Cruzes, Jeep Wranglers spark probe by feds by Jerry Hirsch posted 4/1/2012 on the Los Angeles Times)?

Federal safety regulators have launched an investigation into the cause of fires in the Chevrolet Cruze, General Motors’ bestselling passenger car.

According to complaints made with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, there have been at least two incidents in which the small sedan has caught fire while being driven.  GM said it is researching warranty claims involving fires for at least 19 Cruzes…

The NHTSA launched the Cruze probe only two months after closing a similar investigation into fires that broke out following safety tests of the Chevrolet Volt, GM’s plug-in hybrid vehicle.  GM fixed the problem by adding structural reinforcement that better protects the Volt’s battery pack from punctures or a coolant leak in a severe side crash…

In one incident, a driver said they had a 2011 Cruze Eco – a model with a special factory-installed set of options that increases the sedan’s fuel economy – with about 11,000 miles on the odometer.

The driver complained of a slight smoke smell while driving and brought the vehicle to a stop.  A flame appeared out of the hood and the car was completely engulfed within five minutes. It was only after the first flames appeared that a warning light appeared on the dashboard…

The agency also has received eight reports alleging fires originating in the engine compartment of the 2010 model year Jeep Wrangler vehicles.

Seven of the 8 complainants allege the fire or symptoms of the impending fire began while driving.

Oh.  The cars are from the companies the government bailed out.  The ones with the caring and profit-less motives of our kind and loving government.

These numbers of cars catching fire are almost statistically insignificant.  Unless, of course, it was your car catching on fire.  And you were driving it at the time.  It doesn’t change anything statistically.  But it does change the significance of it.

I guess this is what we should expect now that the government has taken an active part in these companies since bailing them out of bankruptcy.  This may have nothing to do with these fires.  Though it is interesting that so far there haven’t been any Fords catching on fire.  And if you recall, the government didn’t bail out Ford.  So their management is still government-free.

If it’s not the government’s fault there’s still one thing you can say, though.  The government hasn’t made these cars safer than the ones built by the companies that didn’t receive any bailout help.  At least based on the cars that are catching on fire.  So government doesn’t automatically make things better.  While there’s even a case to be made that they make things worse.  Again, based on the cars catching fire.


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