Volkswagen testing the Anemic American Electric Car Market

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 24th, 2012

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Volkswagen is testing the American market for an electric car.  They will lease 20 electric Golfs for a nine month period to determine that there is no market for electric cars in America (see Volkswagen to test electric Golf in U.S. by Chris Woodyard posted 3/23/2012 on USA Today).

Volkswagen, which has scored big with diesels in the U.S., is about to expand its horizons. It’s going to field about 20 Golf electric vehicles in a test, Automotive News reports.

It’s only a nine-month test, but it should be at least a start in trying to see how owners will deal with the notion of having to plug in their car every day and other issues. It’s a prelude to the e-Golf, which will arrive in showrooms sometime next year, the News says.

Diesel cars are successful for one simple reason.  They still use fossil fuels.  Just like gasoline cars.  So there is really no changing of one’s driving habits to go diesel.  For pretty much every gas station in America has diesel fuel.  Which means if you’re cruising down the highway enjoying a great American past time you can pull in any number of convenient gas stations.  Fuel up.  And get right back out on the open road.  Americans like that.  The freedom of fossil fuels.  Going wherever the road takes you.  Secure in knowing that you’ll always be able to get back home.

Contrast that with an electric car.  That won’t let you do any of those things.  Cruising the open highway.  Or going wherever the road takes you.  Instead you’ll be sweating bullets on the drive back home after work.  Praying you have enough charge to make it.  As you squint and shiver, driving in the dark with the headlights and the heater off.  To conserve what electricity you have left in your battery to make it home.  And heaven help you if you run out of electricity on that drive home.  Because you can’t walk to the gas station, borrow their gas can, fill it up with electricity and pour it into your battery.  Instead you’ll either have to tow your car home to an electrical outlet.  Or run one long-ass extension cord to your car and let it charge overnight.  So you can drive it home the next morning after the battery recharges.


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