President Obama stops the Keystone XL Pipeline because it’s in our Best Interest to pay High Gasoline Prices

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 24th, 2012

Week in Review

The Obama administration stopped the Keystone XL pipeline.  In the face of rising gasoline prices.  Which doesn’t make sense.  Because that pipeline will lower oil prices in the future when it’s pumping oil.  And lower gas prices.  So approving the pipeline would have been the smart thing to do in the long run.  The problem is that it doesn’t help them in the short run on something that is far more important than lowering gas prices (see Obama defends handling of Keystone pipeline by KEN THOMAS, Associated Press, posted 3/22/2012 on Yahoo! News).

Deep in Republican oil country, Obama said lawmakers refused to give his administration enough time review the controversial 1,170-mile Keystone XL pipeline in order to ensure that it wouldn’t compromise the health and safety of people living in surrounding areas.

“Unfortunately, Congress decided they wanted their own timeline,” Obama said. “Not the company, not the experts, but members of Congress who decided this might be a fun political issue decided to try to intervene and make it impossible for us to make an informed decision.”

Really?  You want to use that as your excuse for stopping the Keystone XL pipeline?  That your experts didn’t have enough time to help you arrive at an informed decision?   Just like your experts helped you to arrive at an informed decision to fund Solyndra?  And all those other green energy initiatives that couldn’t receive the necessary private investment capital?  And failed?  That’s the excuse you want to use?

First of all, the president’s experts really aren’t all that good.  Based on their track record of helping people arrive at informed decisions.  Secondly, everyone knows this was a nod to the environmentalist base.  And is purely political.  To help them with fund raising.  And their reelection chances.  As their record on energy and gas prices (or the economy in general) isn’t going to garner them any votes.  So they have to make sure they get 100% of the vote from those who hate oil.  (And a healthy economy.)  The people who wanted them to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.  The environmentalist base.


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