Unlike in the US, the UK finds that Parents are Good for Children

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 17th, 2012

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In America the government is very concerned about the wellbeing of children.  So much so that they are emphasizing the role of the government in child rearing.  Such as noting the failure of parents to provide proper nutrition for their children.  Even while the government serves dog food (aka pink slime) to American children in their public schools.  They want to tax soda and fast food.  While at the same time passing out free condoms at schools.  And help girls to get abortions without their parents finding out.  Meanwhile in the UK they are finding that when it comes to child rearing parents know best (see Marriage is good for children and state must back it, declares Iain Duncan Smith by Kirsty Walker posted 3/12/2012 on the Daily Mail).

Marriage provides a more stable environment for bringing up children than other relationships and should be supported and encouraged by the state, ministers will say today.

The Social Justice Strategy paper will stress that marriage is an ‘excellent’ environment in which to raise families, and warns that family instability or breakdown can have ‘devastating’ long-term consequences.

The hard-hitting document, launched by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, adds that children enjoy better life outcomes when the ‘same two parents’ give support and protection throughout childhood…

The document adds that one in three cohabiting couples separate before a child’s fifth birthday, compared with a figure of around one in ten married parents…

The report states: ‘Given that married relationships tend to have greater longevity and stability than other forms, this Government believes marriage often provides an excellent environment in which to bring up children.

‘So the Government is clear that marriage should be supported and encouraged.’

The strategy provides welcome ammunition for campaigners who are trying to push David Cameron into keeping his promise to give a tax break to married couples…

‘When families break down, the consequences can be severe,’ he added.

Mr Duncan Smith will add: ‘At the heart of this, it means emphasising the Government’s support for marriage.’

The Social Justice Strategy paper warns that men who have been separated from a parent, experienced high  family conflict or multiple  transitions in new families, were more likely to be involved in crime.

In a survey of offenders, 41 per cent reported witnessing violence in their home as a child and 29 per cent – or almost a third – reported emotional, sexual or physical abuse as a child.

It finds: ‘Children who have experienced parental relationship breakdown are more likely to have poor cognitive development and education and employment outcomes than those who have lived with both birth parents.’

The paper says that ‘multiple relationship transitions’ are particularly detrimental to children.

Meanwhile in America the trend has been for the government to replace the family unit.  To step in and offer assistance for single mothers.  Encouraging these women to turn to the government instead of a husband to provide a stabilizing influence for their children.  They do this to ‘help’ the mothers.  But it only facilitates more of the same.  Putting more and more children at risk in the long run.  And making these single mothers further stressed, unhappy and alone.

The most destructive influence on children is the breakup of the family.  And the government facilitates it.  Despite all their claims of caring for the children.  They care so much that they even play food police and tell parents what a poor job they’re doing raising their children.  Even though parents have a successful track record of raising their children to lead happy and productive lives as adults.  Unlike the government.  Whose experiments in public housing and child support have been utter failures.  Where their policies have torn families apart.  And caused societal decay on a massive scale.

No, government has demonstrated that they are horrible at parenting.   But you know who’s pretty good at it?  Parents.  The British are just rediscovering this.  Let’s hope the Americans rediscover this, too.  And soon.



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