The UK funds Research to develop Carbon Capture and Storage Technology to Save the Planet and Kill the Economy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 17th, 2012

Week in Review

I guess we should put the plants and trees on notice.  For their carbon sucking days are over.  The UK is financing research to pull the ‘C’ out of CO2.  Leaving the plants and trees less CO2 to breathe.  In an effort to cool the planet.  Something else the green plants and trees won’t like all that much.  Based on how they look during the winter (see UK to give 20 million pounds to cheaper carbon capture posted 3/13/2012 on Reuters UK).

The British government on Monday launched a competition to provide 20 million pounds this year to companies developing cheaper and more efficient components for carbon capture and storage (CCS) plants…

The government has set aside 125 million pounds for research and development of CCS components over a four-year period, to be distributed in collaboration with three technology research groups…

The government is under pressure to deliver a new CCS construction programme in Britain, after its latest attempt to finance a project in Scotland collapsed due to spiralling costs.

CCS is an expensive and commercially unproven technology, but the government sees its development as vital to help reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

If my math is correct that 125 million pounds is about $200 million.  Not a lot of money in the broad scheme of things when it comes to government budgets.  But for a government struggling to reduce its deficit there are probably a lot of $200 million programs that we could eliminate to help with that deficit reduction.  Besides spending money on expensive unproven technology just transfers good money to bad investments.  Like all those windmills off the coast of Britain that fell still during winter.  A time when electricity really comes in handy.

We’re spending more and more on bad technology to end phantom problems.  Lucky for us the environmentalists weren’t around during the Industrial Revolution when smoke, soot and ash covered our cities.  Thanks to the steam locomotive.  And coal-fired industry.  Before there was electricity.  For back then there was real pollution.  It wasn’t a pretty pristine world back in the 1800s.  It was pretty filthy.  But we did survive.  And the last time I looked out of a window I saw the planet survived, too.  The planet is cleaner today.  Yet we’re more panicked and spend more to clean it.  Because of the environmentalists.  Who hate the modern world.  Capitalism.  And technology.  Unless it’s green and sucks the life out of the economy.


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