As NHS Budget Deficits balloon Britain tries to Privatize Parts of the NHS to rein in Costs and improve Quality

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 4th, 2012

Week in Review

The proponents of Obamacare admire Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).  But they settled for Obamacare.  Which stopped short of providing national health care (though it put them on the path towards a national health care by making private health insurance either unaffordable or unavailable).  Because the nation wasn’t ready yet.  Not to mention the fact that most Americans want to repeal Obamacare. 

But they still look to the far side of the Atlantic and dream of having what they have.  Paradise.  At least, what they define as paradise.  Government control of 17.6% of the US economy (based on 2009 numbers) in addition to non-health care spending they already control.  Yeah, to them, this is what paradise is.  But, surprisingly, Britain has this now.  And is trying to move away from it (see NHS changes unavoidable and urgent, says David Cameron posted 3/3/2012 on BBC News UK Politics).

Under the NHS plans, GPs and other clinicians will be given much more responsibility for spending the health service budget in England, while greater competition with the private sector will be encouraged.

Mr Cameron said it would have been easier not to address an “invisible crisis” in the National Health Service in England.

“We could have just protected the NHS from the cuts, as we have, we could have just put in the extra £12.5bn, as we have, and we could have just left it there.

Did you catch that obscene amount of additional money the NHS needs?  £12.5 billion?  Based on the current exchange rate that’s $19.8 billion!  That’s not the budget.  That’s just the budget shortfall.  And if my math is correct that’s about a 12% budget deficit on a $167.8 billion dollar budget.  Worse, the total NHS annual budget is about 3/4 of Britain’s total annual budget deficit.  Meaning the NHS consumes approximately 75% all UK borrowings.

The NHS is bleeding.  And drowning the UK in debt.  No wonder they’re trying to privatize parts of it.  This is an economic model that cannot survive.  Especially with an aging population.  Which will only consume more health services in the future.  And make these deficit numbers grow worse. 

Here’s a lesson the US would do well in learning.  Lest they condemn themselves to making the same mistake.  Oh, wait a minute, that’s exactly what Obamacare is doing.  Repeating this same, horrible mistake.  Even though it is clear that this road they’re on will lead to disaster.  But that’s fine for the Obama administration.  Because at least they will have achieved paradise.  Control of over 17.6% of the US economy.


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