Thanks to Feminists Women in the UK want to trade their Brains for Big Boobs

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 3rd, 2012

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Some women in the UK are living the stereotype.  Or want to live the stereotype.  Wanting to trade brains for big boobs.  And for what?  To attract and please men.  And thanks to feminists women have never been more empowered to do just that.  They have careers.  Are independent.  And have money.  Which they can use to make themselves as pretty as they can be so men will notice them.  And they can afford the birth control they need to please the man who notices them (see The Jordan effect: Third of young women would swap IQ for larger breasts by Eleanor Harding posted 3/2/2012 on the Daily Mail).

Shocking new research shows almost half of young women aged 18 to 25 would prefer to have large breasts than high intelligence – with a third even saying they would gladly swap…

The study, which has alarmed women’s groups, also found a quarter of those surveyed felt bigger breasts would make them feel ‘happier’.

And almost 60 per cent of the respondents believed that men would be ‘more interested’ in them romantically if they had bigger breasts.

In the movie Analyze This Billy Crystal plays psychologist Dr. Ben Sobel.  And Robert De Niro plays mob boss Paul Vitti who suffers from anxiety problems.  When Dr. Sobel learns that Paul has a mistress he asks how long did he and his wife have marital problems.  Paul said they had no problems.  Then Dr. Sobel asked why Paul had a mistress.  And Paul replied because he can do things with her sexually that he can’t do with his wife.  Dr. Sobel then asks if Paul ever tried to introduce those ‘things’ to his wife in the bedroom.  And Paul says something like, “What kind of a sick son of a bitch are you?  That’s the mother of my children we’re talking about here.”

I’m paraphrasing as it’s been a while since I saw the movie.  But it is an example of that long held belief about how men feel about women.  There are girls to have fun with.  And girls you marry.  And the feminists with all their work to empower women, urging them to explore their sexuality and providing them with access to birth control and abortion are making more and more women to have fun with.  When it appears that what women really want is to get married.  Based on their desire to attract a man.  Because if they just wanted tawdry and casual sex all they have to do is go to a bar and say ‘yes’.  No matter her appearance.  Because alcohol makes everyone look beautiful.  Both men.  And women.  With enough drinks in them anyone can do the ‘walk of shame’ the following morning after waking up in some stranger’s bed.  And be filled with self-loathing as they creep back home.

This is not why women watch romantic comedies.  Because they, like the heroines in those movies, want to find that one guy.  So they make themselves as attractive as possible to attract that one guy.  So they, too, can live happily ever after.  In wedded bliss.  Which is getting harder and harder to do these days.  Thanks to all that empowerment.  Which lets guys have a lot of fun with a lot of girls.  Encouraging them to, even.  Making it a longer time before they start thinking about settling down.  And start looking for the girl to marry.  Who will be the mother of their children.  Who they will honor and cherish.  And not just leave cab fare for her in the morning.


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