Vancouver building Charging Stations for Electric Cars that aren’t there to use Them

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 25th, 2012

Week in Review

Vancouver is going all in on electric cars.  Even when no one is buying them (see City to build 67 more electric car-charging stations by 2013-Vancouver by Tara Carman posted 2/23/2012 on the Vancouver Sun).

The City of Vancouver is taking an “if you build it, they will come” approach to electric vehicles, announcing an $800,000 pilot project to expand the number of charging stations in the city…

Less than one per cent of Canadians have purchased an electric vehicle, according to Brian Murphy, a senior man-ager at J.D. Power and Associates. One of the reasons is likely the price of the vehicles, which typically run more than $40,000, plus the $2,000 it costs to purchase and install a charging station in private homes…

Another discouraging factor about electric vehicles is “range anxiety” about having to take trips that are 200 kilometres or more, Murphy said. A full charge will take the Nissan Leaf, for example, about 160 kilometres, depending on the terrain and weather conditions.

The article includes a photo of a man in what appears to be a gas station for electric cars.  Happily plugged in.  And charging up his battery.  Luckily for him it appears to be a nice day.  It’s daylight.  And he’s not wearing a coat.  So he should have no problem standing there for 5 hours or so until his battery charges.

This is the dark side of range anxiety.  If you don’t make it back home on your charge you are stranded.  Because batteries don’t charge as fast as you can fill a tank with gasoline.


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