The Decommissioned Tevatron helps to show Difference between Real Science and Global Warming Science

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 25th, 2012

Week in Review

Scientist are still pouring over the data from the decommissioned Tevatron for the existence of the ever elusive Higgs boson (see ‘Interesting’ Higgs Boson Result to be Announced by Ian O’Neill posted 2/18/2012 on Discovery News).

However, this signal is just a hint; not a discovery, yet. Roser has said that the March announcement will hinge on a “three-sigma” event. This is physics talk for the certainty that the signal is real. A “three-sigma” signal means there is still a 0.1 percent chance that the signal is noise or some statistical anomaly.

The statistical likelihood of the LHC signal being “real” stands at an unofficial 4.3 sigma (from the combined results gathered from the ATLAS and CMS detectors) — meaning there is a 99.996 percent chance the signal is real (and a 0.004 percent chance it’s noise).

It is refreshing to read about real science.  Have you ever heard of such skepticism in the ‘science’ of global warming?  No, you haven’t.  Because in real science a 0.004 percent chance of uncertainty is so large that they cannot draw any conclusion.  Whereas in global warming ‘science’ anything that has a 0.004 percent chance of being true is good enough to be an undisputed truth.  Funny, isn’t it?  The difference between real science and global warming ‘science’.


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