The Muslim Brotherhood cracks down on pro-Democracy Groups in Egypt

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 19th, 2012

Week in Review

So how is that Arab Spring going?  Well, if it was a democracy movement, not too good.  But if it was an Islamist movement, none too bad (see Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood backs military in dispute with US over pro-democracy groups by the Associated Press posted 2/15/2012 on The Washington Post).

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday threw its weight behind the country’s military-backed government in an escalating dispute with the U.S. over the funding of pro-democracy groups.

Cairo claims that the groups are fomenting protests against the country’s military rulers, and has referred 16 Americans and 27 others to criminal court. Six Americans are barred from leaving the country.

Funny.  The Muslim Brotherhood came to power in a pro-democracy movement.  The so-called Arab Spring.  Helped in part by President Obama.  Who told Hosni Mubarak that he had to go.  Is now trying to clamp down on pro-democracy groups.  And is imprisoning Americans.  Guess the meaning of democracy changes with time.  And one person’s democracy is another’s enemy of the state.

The Brotherhood’s political party swept recent elections, taking nearly 50 percent of the seats in the new parliament. Liberal and secular activists who led last year’s popular uprising that toppled Mubarak failed to win significant strength in the parliament, and they are suspicious of the Brotherhood, suspecting that the veteran Islamist movement is working with the military to divvy up power while excluding the more secular forces.

Funnier still is that the people who overthrew the Mubarak government have no say in the new government.  Who would have seen that coming?  Other than those who know history?  And warned that Egypt may very well go the way of the Iranian Revolution?  Which it sort of looks like it is.  Time will tell.  Sadly for the people of Egypt.  For democracy in the region.  And especially for Israel.  Who the Muslim Brotherhood really, really hates.  And all of this going on while Iran is going nuclear.

Could be a sad time for the world.


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