The Late Kim Jong-il gets a Statue while the North Korean People go Hungry

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 19th, 2012

Week in Review

Kim Jong-il may be dead.  But he will live on in the hearts and minds of the North Korean people.  Or else (see Giant Kim Jong-il statue unveiled for his 70th birthday posted 2/14/2012 on BBC News Asia).

A giant statue of Kim Jong-il has been unveiled ahead of Thursday’s celebrations of the 70th anniversary of his birthday…

He reportedly shunned the idea of the bronze statue in his lifetime, said the BBC’s correspondent in Seoul, Lucy Williamson.

According to various accounts, Mr Kim reportedly told state officials in 1999 that he was not ready for the adulation before fulfilling his promise of building an affluent society, the Associated Press reports…

The country is believed to be planning widespread celebrations on Thursday, also dubbed “the day of the shining star”, even as worries continue over food shortages in the country, our correspondent said.

Good thing, then, that Kim Jong-il didn’t erect a statue of himself during his lifetime.  Because he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of building an affluent society.  For there’s never been an affluent Stalinist society.  It’s old school hardcore communism in North Korea.  The kind where they shoot you down if you try to escape their communist utopia.  Doesn’t exactly bring out the entrepreneurial spirit.  Or fill you with bliss.  Rather, it tends to fill one with fear and dread.  And hunger.

By contrast the countries where the people are most blissful and least hungry are the capitalist countries.  Where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives.  Which enthralls and entices the people in the communist utopias.  Encouraging some of them to escape their lives of fear and dread.  Even though they may be shot down in the process.


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