We can’t Stop Man-Made Global Warming no matter what we Spend to Stop It

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 18th, 2012

Week in Review

Climate is very complex.  Like subatomic physics.  And although we’re still questioning past theories on subatomic physics a lot of people have accepted that we’ve learned all we need to learn about climate.  And we know beyond any possible doubt that man is causing catastrophic global warming.   No doubt bringing a smile to a theoretical physicist’s face.  Who has no such arrogance in his or her field of study.

The world is warming.  The climate ‘scientists’ say by 2 degrees Celsius each year.  Which if this was true since the time Al Gore started warning us some 10-15 years ago, global temperatures should have risen 20-30 degrees Celsius.  Now I’m no climate ‘scientist’ but if the planet had warmed some 20-30 degrees Celsius this past decade or so I doubt Europe would be suffering one of the worst winters on record.  But this is only rational thought and deduction.  Which have no place in climate ‘science’.  But even if we could understand what was going on with the climate there’s nothing we can do about it (see Slash emissions, fly by zeppelin posted 2/13/2012 on The Economist).

THE ECONOMIST has long accepted the scientific consensus that the world is warming and that this warming is being caused by carbon-dioxide emissions from human activity…

Some scientists and activists believe that a concentration of over 350 parts-per-million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could lead to feedback loops (the release of methane from Arctic permafrost, for example) that could make warming almost impossible to stop. But the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes the right number is 450 ppm. Achieving that target, as David Roberts of the environmental news website Grist explained last year, is a “gobsmackingly gargantuan challenge…”

Mr Roberts goes on to highlight a series of remarkable charts and graphs from Saul Griffith, an inventor. Mr Griffith estimates that, in order to meet the 450 ppm target, the world will have to build 100 square metres of photovoltaic solar cells (with 15% efficiency and good siting, naturally) every second for the next 25 years. Also, one 100m diameter wind turbine every five minutes and one 3-gigawatt nuclear plant every week. The list goes on. You can see why The Economist is pessimistic about avoiding 2°C of warming.

The solution to save the world from man-made global warming is as ridiculous as the concept of man-made global warming itself.  If no amount of investment can stop what’s happening then why spend anything?  We’re doomed anyway.  We might as well go out enjoying life.  Instead of living lives of subsistence only to succumb to global warming anyway.  And the best part is if the climate ‘scientists’ are wrong we live happily ever after.  If they’re right we die horrible deaths either way.  So the rational and deductive choice is clear.  Live life.  And not fear the specter of man-made global warming. 

Now only if the climate ‘scientist’ believed in rational thought and deduction.



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