Daniel Hannan speaks at CPAC urging Americans to Return to their Founding Principles

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 18th, 2012

Week in Review

I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who said that the British and the Americans are two peoples separated by a common language.  And we are.  After all, the British sired the Americans.  It was British customs, British laws and British representative government that flowered into the United States.  Sure, we had our moments.  And a civil war (what we call the Revolutionary War).  But even the defining document of that war has some British roots.  For one of the Founding Father’s greatest inspirations was an Englishman.  John Locke.  Who believed that government ruled only at the consent of the governed.  Powerful stuff for its time.  Greatly influenced the English.  And Thomas Jefferson as he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

In time, though, America would surpass the United Kingdom.  For the UK moved away from their glorious past.  Into a socialist future.  Joining the social democracies of Europe.  Who are all standing at a great precipice.  The weight of their debt and social spending threatening to pull them over.  And Daniel Hannan, Briton and Member of the European Parliament, looks behind and sees the Americans rushing up behind them to join them in their perilous leap over the edge.  He speaks to them.  Warning them not to make the same mistakes they are making.  To go back to their Founding Principles.  Of which this Briton holds dear.  And to change their ways.  For it may be too late on his side of the Atlantic.  But it’s not too late for the Americans.

This is the gist of Daniel Hannan’s speech at CPAC.  And if you want to look into America’s future based on the road we are currently on, watch his speech (see Video: Daniel Hannan’s warning to CPAC — and America by Ed Morrissey posted 2/12/2012 on Hot Air).



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