Study links Breast Cancer to Birth Control and Abortion

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 11th, 2012

Week in Review

We live in a very sexualized world.  And a very liberated world.  Women are encouraged to enjoy their sexuality.  And they are.  They have bought a fortune of sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.  Even watch their annual lingerie show celebrating the female body.  Yes, even the ladies watch this fashion show.  Because both women and men are buying their products.  Including the Miracle Bra.  To showcase their breasts.  Which women like to showcase.  And men like to window shop at these showcases.  For men like breasts.

So in this sexualized and liberated world we empower women by letting them get sexy to please men.  Not really sure how that empowers them but it does.  I heard women say so.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy window shopping?  But as it turns out breasts have another purpose besides pleasing men.  They have a physiological purpose.  They’re part of a system that produces milk for babies.  A pretty complex system.  That goes through a metamorphosis when a woman gets pregnant.  Biological changes.  Changes at the cell level.  Complex stuff for a complex system.  But in the modern era of birth control and abortion, that process is getting interrupted.  Or prevented from happening.  And apparently for the human body to remain healthy this process needs to happen.  For when it’s not allowed to something bad happens.

Research has shown that babies who are breast-fed have fewer allergies than babies who are bottle-fed.  Which could, perhaps, explain an explosion in allergy problems.  But mothers who don’t become mothers are apparently doing even more harm to themselves.  Women who don’t have babies, who have babies late in life, women who have abortions and women who bottle-feed their babies have higher incidences of breast cancer.  Apparently due to the prevention or interruption of that biological metamorphosis.  Stopping that change in cells mid-change.  Leaving an unnatural cell.  And apparently a cell susceptible to cancer.

As women who have children at a younger age and don’t have abortions have lower incidences of breast cancer this will be a very contentious issue.  (As breast feeding is back in vogue that part of the study shouldn’t prove to be contentious).  The science will be challenged and challenged again.  For if these findings are proven true, they say a healthy woman is a mother.  Raising a family.  Which many in the political debate will find unacceptable.  So read the study (see The Breast Cancer Epidemic: Modeling and Forecasts Based on Abortion and Other Risk Factors by Patrick S. Carroll posted on  Discuss it with your doctor.  And get other medical opinions.  Just be informed.  And be aware of all the information out there.  Even the information that proves not to be popular.


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