State Capitalism spills Toxic Cadmium into the Longjiang River in China’s Guangxi Region

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 4th, 2012

Week in Review

Even the heavy hand of state capitalism of the Chinese communists can’t prevent toxic pollution (see Seven detained over China river cadmium spill posted 1/30/2012 on the BBC China).

Seven chemical company officials have been detained over industrial waste that polluted a river in China’s Guangxi region, state media said.

Cadmium pollutants were detected in the Longjiang River on 15 January after tests were carried out on dead fish.

The level then was 80 times the official limit, regional environment protection official Feng Zhennian said…

Cadmium, commonly found in industrial usage such as the production of batteries, is a carcinogen which can damage the kidneys, bones and respiratory system.

People hate corporations everywhere.  And only when government regulates the bejesus out of capitalism will they feel safe from the horrors of capitalism.  Well, in China, you can’t get much further away from free market capitalism.  For government is there.  Everywhere.  And even there they have a horrible industrial accident.

Accidents happen.  Because people aren’t perfect.  And as it turns out, neither is government.


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