Real Science in Astrophysics shows how Global Warming is More Politics than Science

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 21st, 2012

Week in Review

Here’s something you just don’t hear when global warming ‘scientists’ talk about their work (see Dark matter galaxy hints seen 10bn light-years away posted 1/18/2012 on BBC News Science & Environment).

Astronomers have spotted a “dwarf” galaxy some 10 billion light-years away which may be made mostly of the mysterious material called dark matter…

By using computer models of how that magnification and distortion should work, the mass of the lensing galaxy – and where that mass is distributed – can be determined.

The technique was recently used to develop the widest view of dark matter distribution in the Universe ever produced…

They found a discrepancy in comparing with the image that their detailed computer model suggested should come from the system…

“If we find other galaxies or satellites, it will tell us whether we need to change the properties of dark matter; if we don’t find enough, then dark matter must be different from what we think.”

You never hear these global warming ‘scientists’ ever questioning their computer models.  Never.  Which should tell you something.  Their models already tell them what they want them to say.  Which moves global warming from the realm of science to politics.


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