Does the Criegee Biradicals make Global Warming a thing of the Past?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 14th, 2012

Week in Review

Looks like the science of understanding climate has taken another step forward  (see Eureka! Newly discovered molecule ‘could reverse global warming’ by Rob Waugh posted 1/13/2012 on Mail Online).

A little-understood molecule in the atmosphere could play an important role in reducing pollution and global warming, scientists believe.

The ‘Criegee biradicals’ could lead to aerosol formation – and ultimately to clouds, with the potential to cool the planet.

Fascinating.  Now only if we could make these Criegee biradicals and get them into the atmosphere.

Co-author Professor Dudley Shallcross, from the University of Bristol, pointed out that chemicals released naturally by plants aided the production of Criegee biradicals.

‘Natural ecosystems could be playing a significant role in off-setting global warming,’ he said.

Then again I guess we don’t have to.  Mother Nature is already doing that.  The environment.  How about that?  So maybe there isn’t any such thing as manmade global warming.  Because as fast as we may dirty the environment the environment may be cleaning itself.  Which probably explains why those scientists at the University of East Anglia played with the data to get the results they wanted.  Because they had to play with the data.  For the fear of manmade global warming is a manmade fear.  And nothing more.


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