Britain Shutting Down Coal and Nuclear Power and Raising Taxes for Green Energy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 7th, 2012

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Let’s take a ride.  In a time machine.  Let’s go into the future.  And see where America will be in the green energy future (see Double whammy from green taxes: Families will have to pay more for fuel and flights by Sean Poulter and Kirsty Walker posted 1/3/2012 on Mail Online).

Britain’s existing nuclear power plants are due to close within a few years.

As a result, the country’s nuclear capacity will fall by  75 per cent.

A number of coal-fired plants are also set to shut, as the Government strives to meet EU targets for reducing carbon emissions.

Wind farms – funded by green taxes on homes and businesses – will not be able to cover the resulting energy shortfall, Mr Lodge warns.

They’re shutting down coal and nuclear power.  And raising taxes to pay for green energy.  Which is erratic at best.  Sometimes the wind just doesn’t blow.  Which is the reason steamships replaced sailing ships.  Because man-made steam was more reliable than wind.  Far more reliable.  Which means Britain’s energy will be as reliable as the wind.  And as they suffer brownouts and blackouts there will be a scramble back to those more reliable sources.  Coal and nuclear.

Government plans to penalise power firms that use coal to generate electricity – by imposing minimum prices – will effectively make it uneconomic to continue mining in the UK.

This ‘will result in over one billion tonnes of economically recoverable UK coal reserves becoming stranded’, Mr Lodge says.

As if the brownouts and blackouts won’t be bad enough.  They’re going to shut down the mining industry.  And eliminate a lot of union jobs.  During which I doubt the unions will be whistling a happy tune.  Yeah, that’s right.  Green energy is anti-union.  I mean, you don’t have to mine wind or sun, do you?

It warns: ‘Britain risks becoming yet more dependent on foreign gas and unmanageable renewable energy to generate electricity.

‘Consequently, Britain’s 26million households, who spend around £20billion a year on energy, will face higher bills at a time of falling household income.’

Lost jobs and higher bills.  Gee, it just keeps getting better and better.

The Civitas report, also released today, focuses on the EU Emissions Trading System, which is designed to curb carbon dioxide emissions from aircraft engines. The directive came into force on January 1.

The think-tank found that related charges will cost airlines £1billion a year – most of which will be passed on to businesses and consumers through higher prices.

Airlines are now required to buy a ‘permit to pollute’ to cover the cost of their carbon emissions – with extra fees for those who exceed their emissions limit.

But in a damning assessment, Civitas  researcher David Merlin-Jones says  the scheme will line the pockets of energy bosses and banks while doing little to help the environment.

So as British families become impoverished for this green energy nonsense others will be getting rich off of these permits to pollute.  This from the nation that gave us the Industrial Revolution.  Representative government.  Agricultural advances.  And a lot of other things that brought the world into the modern age.  My God, what has happened to Britannia?

How is it that the nation that did more than most for the common people is taking such a large crap on the common people?  Figuratively, of course.  But the worse thing is that there are some in America that want to follow them.  And if the whole Western world gives in to this green energy nonsense there will no longer be a Western world.

Sad.  Because the UK is better than this.  As is America.  At least when they were conservative.


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