High Sin Taxes on Alcohol causes Death and Blindness from Drinking Fake Vodka

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 31st, 2011

Week in Review

Britain’s tax policy on alcohol is killing poor people (see Fake vodka warning issued by council trading standard teams posted 12/30/2011 on BBC News UK).

Fake vodka recently seized had high levels of methanol, which can cause blindness, and industrial solvents…

The Local Government Association in England and Wales said fake vodka could cause death…

Mr Bettison went on: “Everyone wants a bargain, especially at this time of year, but surely the potential health risks far outweigh any financial savings. Purchasing it also does nothing to help legitimate businesses stay afloat.

Buying ‘bargain’ alcohol is not fair to legitimate businesses because legitimate businesses have to charge all those sin taxes that their customers ultimately have to pay.

Sin taxes punish the poor.  Either by leaving them poorer.  Or by killing them when they drink a ‘bargain’ vodka brand they can more readily afford.



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