Gallop Poll says Big Government is the Threat, not Big Business

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 24th, 2011

Week in Review

Apparently the people aren’t buying the lie anymore (see Gallup: Under Obama, Growing Percentage See Big Government as ‘Biggest Threat’ by Terence P. Jeffrey posted 12/18/2011 on

While President Barack Obama has focused his rhetoric in recent weeks on depicting a reckless Wall Street and insufficiently taxed “millionaires and billionaires” as threats to the American middle class, a newly released Gallup poll indicates that Americans apparently have been coming to a different conclusion during Obama’s presidency, with fewer people now seeing big business as the “biggest threat” to the country in the future and more seeing big government as the “biggest threat.”

The people see Big Government as the biggest threat.  Because it’s been the Obama policies that have been strangling the economic recovery.  So much so that there is no economic recovery.  Regulatory and tax policy are just so anti-business.  Obamacare being the big one.  Putting a hold on hiring and expansion across the board.  Because businesses just don’t know the full cost of compliance yet.

The Obama administration has made million Americans safe from the oppressive employment policies of businesses, though.  Simply by extending their unemployment.  As nice as that may be to some most of the American people would prefer gainful employment.  They dream of returning to the days when there was gainful employment.  And less government interfering with the economy.  Far less government.


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