Public School Teachers get Paid Well because they Champion Government and Demonize Capitalism

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 18th, 2011

Week in Review

Public school teachers make about twice as much as people in the private sector.  At least according to the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (see Dept. of Labor: Public School Teachers Are Highest Paid State Workers; Compensation Doubles the Average in Private Industry by Terence P. Jeffrey posted 12/14/2011 on

Public school teachers receive greater average hourly compensation in wages and benefits than any other group of state and local government workers and receive more than twice as much in average hourly wages and benefits as workers in private industry, according to a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Public primary, secondary and special education teachers are paid an average of $56.59 per hour in combined wages and benefits, BLS said in the report released last week.

That is slightly more than twice the $28.24 in average hourly wages and benefits paid to workers in private industry.

…state and local government workers…take in an average of $40.76 per hour, according to BLS…

For each hour at work, according to BLS, the average American public school teacher is paid $4.78 in retirement and savings benefits alone.

The average private sector worker, according to BLS, is paid $1.02 per hour in retirement and savings benefits–or less than one-fourth the average hourly retirement and savings benefits paid to public school teachers.

It’s good to be in the aristocracy.  At least twice as good as being in the private sector.  No wonder they are protective of their collective bargaining rights.  Especially for those benefits.  Which are about 4 times better as they are in the private sector.

If you ever wonder why people are so intent on growing the size of the government this is why.  The bigger the government the bigger the taxes.  And the more wealth they can redistribute to those in this aristocracy.

When in doubt follow the money.  And if you do you’ll find the biggest piles of it at the feet of public school teachers.  The next biggest pile will be at the feet of public sector workers.  You see, the teachers get more.  Because they teach our kids that they deserve more.  And they also champion government and demonize capitalism.  That’s why young people vote Democrat.  Until they have careers and families of their own.  And get smarter.  At which point they start voting Republican.


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