The Keystone Pipeline is a Problem for Obama because Trade Unions and Environmentalists are on Opposite Sides of the Debate

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 10th, 2011

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President Obama opposes the Keystone pipeline.  Which is kind of funny as it would create a lot of jobs.  And reduce the price of oil and gasoline.  Giving consumers more money in their pockets.  Thus stimulating economic activity.  Funny things to oppose.  But he does.  But he may be changing his mind (see Obama might back off Keystone pipeline veto threat: Congressman by AFP posted 12/9/2011 on The Vancouver Sun).

U.S. President Barack Obama might back off his threat to veto legislation approving the controversial Keystone XL pipeline to carry oil from Canada to the Gulf, a Democratic lawmaker said Friday.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver told MSNBC television that Obama might bow to House Republicans who have attached the pipeline measure to legislation to extend a tax cut that benefits middle class voters as well as jobless aid…

Asked about the veto threat, Cleaver acknowledged that “at the end it may be that ‘here’s an opportunity to get a deal and get what I want and we go home…'”

Ah, yes, go home.  That’s why he may cave.  So they don’t have to miss any of their Christmas break.  For if there is one thing Washington people like is having a good time.  Which is hard to do working anywhere near a holiday.

Of course the crux of the issue is this.  President Obama’s first term is as bad as Jimmy Carter’s if not worse.  And his poll numbers show this.  He’s lost white voters.  Which is a lot of voters.  And contributors.  His team has acknowledged this in a New York Times editorial.  And they’re okay with that.  So he has to concentrate on his base.  Hard-core leftist liberals.  And there are two large groups in this base.  Trade unions.  And environmentalists.

With such bad poll numbers the money isn’t flowing like it was before 2008.  So he needs every dime from his base.  And that includes trade unions.  And environmentalists.  Who just happen to fall on opposite sides of the Keystone pipeline debate.  The unions want it for the jobs.  The environmentalists don’t.  Because they hate capitalism and want everyone to live in holes in the ground.

Obama didn’t want to settle this issue until after the 2012 election, though.  So he could collect money from groups on both sides of the debate.  Because for him politics trumps jobs.  The economy.  And the American people.


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