The Fear of Man-Made Global Warming is not as Fearsome as it once was to the British

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 10th, 2011

Week in Review

The British are a nice people.  A good people.  Very polite.  And friendly.  But sometimes a bit over trusting in their institutions (see Wilting greens posted 12/10/2011 on The Economist).

The furore over whether climate change is real and man-made that has shaken American politics barely stirs a leaf in Britain. Yet the issue is quietly slipping from the popular consciousness. In early 2007, soon after Sir Nicholas Stern published a doom-laden report on climate change, 19% of people told Ipsos MORI, a pollster, that the environment was one of the most pressing issues facing the nation. Nowadays just 4% think so.

Why might this be? Peter Lynn of the University of Essex reckons a fuss over the way some academics presented data, known as “climategate”, may have had an effect. And present economic woes have distracted people from long-term concerns. Compared with looming household debts and the prospect of unemployment, rising sea levels do not seem troubling. That may explain why graduates still fret about global warming whereas those without qualifications are far less concerned about it…

The history of Western Civilization goes through Great Britain.  Agriculture reform.  The rule of law.  Limited government.  Capitalism.  The Industrial Revolution.  Free trade.  Everything that made Western Civilization great Great Britain gave Western Civilization.  So the British are a proud people.  And rightfully so.  So when the University of East Anglia says there is such a thing as man-made global warming the British will believe it.  Because this science is, after all, British science.

The British are also a strong people.  They can endure some of the greatest hardships.  They never lost their will to fight to stay free while the Nazis bombed their cities.   So they can put up with a lot.  But one thing they don’t take too kindly to is being lied to.

So when Climategate 1 and 2 broke the British were probably not amused.  Because they built a lot of those silly wind farms that are ugly, noisy and don’t produce electricity during some periods of highest demand.  So not only are they paying huge energy surcharges on their electric bills to pay for this nonsense they also experience some brownouts during the coldest winter days.  So it’s no surprise that the fear of man-made global warming is not as fearsome as it once was.  Because it turned out that the whole thing was bull [excrement].  And expensive bull [excrement] at that.


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