Canada chooses Energy and Jobs over Global Warming Alarmism, Says ‘No’ to a New Kyoto

Posted by PITHOCRATES - November 26th, 2011

Week in Review

The Environmentalists in the European Union are wringing their hands together in angst.  Because the Canadians don’t want to play global warming anymore.  Apparently the Canadians found a new game to play.  And it involves wringing oil out of sand (see European politician warns Canada being left behind on Kyoto by Mike De Souza, Postmedia News, posted 11/23/2011 on The Vancouver Sun).

A visiting member of Europe’s Parliament says he is puzzled by Canadian government policies and fears the world may be forced to leave Canada behind as it moves forward in addressing climate change.

“It’s a very strange position for Europe, because really, for us, Canada is a dear partner,” said Kriton Arsenis, from the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, the second-largest group in the European Parliament. “It’s an ally in the way that we share values for the environment, social values, how we imagine the state of the world and we somehow feel left alone…”

Canada appears to be the only country attempting to lobby the European Parliament in order to weaken its climate policies, Arsenis said. But he warned that the Canadian government’s position may isolate it from efforts to expand and extend the Kyoto Protocol which set legally-binding targets on developed countries’ greenhouse gas emissions as a first step toward preventing dangerous changes in the atmosphere…

Canada, Russia and Japan have all said they will not accept new targets when the existing commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2013, leaving the world without any binding requirements for countries to reduce emissions.

This is strange.  Why would Canada go from Kyoto-embracing to Kyoto-eschewing?  What could have happened to bring about this 180-degree change?  Hmmm, what could it be?  Was it those leaked emails from the University of East Anglia confirming the hoax of global warming?  Did they see through the EU Emission Trading Scheme for what it was?  An extralegal tax to prop up bankrupt governments in the EU?  Or was it something else?

But Oliver attempted to blame the NDP for allowing Arsenis to promote European climate policies that would discourage consumption of fuels with above-average environmental footprints such as synthetic crude oil from Western Canada’s natural deposits of bitumen, also known as oilsands.

“Now (New Democrats) are hosting today a session that is giving support for the European Fuel quality directive which will single out the oilsands for bad treatment,” said Oliver. “It’s based on an unscientific and discriminatory approach. Here they are again opposing the creation of Canadian jobs and economic growth for the country.”

It was something else.  Which can be summarized succinctly and simply as follows:  Money talks and bull [excrement] walks.

These Canadian oil sands are a national blessing.  One of the largest energy deposits ever found in an energy hungry world.  Creating lots of good jobs in a depressed economy.  And energy independence for Canada.  And if the European global warming alarmists think they’re going to take that all away from Canada they’re mad.  Let them find other ways to pay for their excessive government spending.  And not use global warming alarmism to scare people into some new tax and regulatory scheme.


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