FT90: Minimum wage jobs are entry level jobs.

Posted by PITHOCRATES - November 4th, 2011

Fundamental Truth

There is Income Disparity because it Takes a While to Get Good in Whatever you Do

Minimum wage jobs are entry level jobs.  People need to remember this.  A minimum wage job is not to raise a family on.  It’s for the children of that family to get their start in the workplace.  To help college students pay their expenses.  Or it’s simply an unskilled job for an unskilled, inexperienced worker.  So he or she can become a skilled worker.  And gain experience.

So, yes, there is income disparity.  We pay people with less skill and experience less than those with more skill and experience.  That’s why a garage band doesn’t make as much money as U2.  It takes a while to get good.  In whatever you do.

Is this income disparity bad?  No.  It provides incentive.  Because everyone wants to get rich.  U2 did.  Even became tax exiles to escape the confiscatory tax rates of their country.  Everyone wants more money.  Whether they admit it or not.  Thant’s why people buy lotto tickets.  And go to casinos.  They’re not spending money to stimulate the economy out of the goodness of their hearts.  No.  They’re trying to get rich.

If the Minimum Wage is a ‘Living Wage’ what Incentive is there to Work Harder?

So the profit motive exists.  We do things because we’re greedy.  Whatever we have we want more.  That’s why we work hard.  To earn money.  To have more.  So our kids can have more.  It’s a great system.  Because we get a lot in return for this greed.  Doctors.  Nurses.  Engineers.  Skilled trades.  And a lot of neat stuff.  Like iPads.  Smartphones.  Computers.  Cameras.  DVDs.  Buildings.  Cars.  Trains.  Airplanes.  Etc.  And we’d have none of this if the minimum wage was a ‘living wage’.  A wage to raise a family on.

If you could make, say, $75,000 a year flipping burgers at McDonalds would you go to college to become a doctor?  With massive student loan debt, the high cost of malpractice insurance, the lawsuits, the long hours, the constant reduction in Medicare reimbursements, etc., probably not.

Would you work in the skilled trades?  Spend 4 years as an apprentice?  Became a journeyman?  Then a master?  Work long and hard to master your craft only to see a kid out of high school with no skill and no experience ‘earn’ the same wage?  Probably not.  Because we just don’t voluntarily work harder if there is no financial gain.  If you don’t believe this ask some of your friends if they would work overtime without additional pay.

Raising the Minimum Wage is just a Political Ploy so Democrats can Gain Votes

You know what a higher minimum wage does?  It makes your work less valuable.  The more we pay unskilled people the smaller the income disparity gets.  And the closer skilled workers get to unskilled pay.  When there is no gap there will be no one doing the harder jobs.  Because when a janitor can earn what a doctor can earn people will want to be janitors instead of doctors.  Because it’s easier.

Raising the minimum wage is just a political ploy.  So Democrats can gain votes.  Because a higher minimum wage favors the young.  And organized labor.  Two large Democrat constituencies.  The young get more for doing less.  And have no reason NOT to stay ignorant.  Keeping them loyal Democrat voters for the indefinite future.  Whereas unions don’t have to compete against lower wages.  And without any wage competition they can enjoy the high wages the lack of competition gives.



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