The Free Market Sweeps Away the Boring and Old and Replaces it with the Exciting and New

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 30th, 2011

Week in Review

Oh my, the market is failing (see Time to Regulate These Tech Titans by Adam Thierer posted 10/22/2011 on the Technology Liberation Front).

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for decisive action. Cyberlaw scholars have been warning us for years that tech titans dominate the digital landscape.  Our leaders must act immediately to ensure that these 4 Internet gatekeepers don’t lock us in their walled gardens and turn us into their cyber-slaves. The future of Internet freedom is at stake. It’s market failure! There is no possibility of escaping their evil clutches. And there’s certainly no possibility markets will evolve to give us better choices. Only decisive regulatory action can give us a more competitive, innovative future.

So who are these titans?  Google?  Yahoo?  Bing?  Baidu?  Yandex?  No.  There’s a graphic following the paragraph quoted above showing the 4 titans.  Prodigy.  CompuServe.  MS Network.  And American Online.  (If you don’t know who these companies are ask your parents).  Which dominated in the mid 1990s.  But they don’t dominate anymore.  And it’s not because of regulatory action.  Which is the point of this humorous piece in Technology Liberation Front.

Innovation in the free market swept these titans aside and replaced them with something better.  The way it always has.  And always will.  The market constantly changes.  It sweeps away the boring and old.  And replaces it with the exciting and new.  Always.

As long as we don’t sweep away the free market, that is.


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