The iPhone is Impressive but the Plough is a True Technological Wonder

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 19th, 2011

Technology 101

The Plough allowed us to Grow more Food in Virtually any Soil giving us more Free Time to Think

The iPhone is an amazing piece of technology.  Whenever a new one comes out lines form with anxious people clamoring to get the new phone.  Steve Jobs was a brilliant entrepreneur.  He knew how to give the people what they wanted.  But he had some help along the way.

What made the iPhone possible?  Was it touch-screen LCD technology?  A little.  Was it the miniaturization of integrated circuits?  Well, that helped no doubt.  How about the transistor?  This was big.  It opened the door to the integrated circuits.  But it took something before that.  Vacuum tubes?  What the transistor replaced?  No.  Was it wireless radio transmission?  Antenna technology?  The development of electromagnetic field and wave theory?  No.  You have to go further back.  Even before the genius of Nikola Tesla (electrical engineer, inventor and father of AC power).  The telephone?  The telegraph?  The printing press?  No.  All necessary steps on the road to the iPhone.  But none of these are the prime mover that set things in motion to make the iPhone possible.  To find this prime mover you have to go way back.  To the dawn of civilization.  To the one piece of technology that changed everything.  The plough.

The first civilizations sprung up on the fertile banks of the great rivers.  The Hwang-Ho.  The Indus.  The Nile.  The Tigris.  And the Euphrates.  Where the flooding of these rivers made the soil nutrient-rich.  And easy to work.  The masses could scratch it with a stick.  Sow their seeds.  And pray to their gods for a bountiful harvest.  The plough changed that.  It let us grow food in virtually any soil.  And the work of a few could do the same of the masses in those river valleys.  This produced two things.  A food surplus.  And spare time.  Everyone in a society no longer had to farm.  They could do other things.  And think.

The Plough gave rise to Artisans, the Free Market Economy and a Middle Class

It all started here.  The plough unleashed the human mind.  It transformed us from working machines at the mercy of our environment.  To masters of our environment.  Where we transformed our environment to better serve us.

This gave rise to artisans.  Blacksmiths.  Tanners.  Cobblers.  Inventors.  Entrepreneurs.  What we call the rise of a middle class.  These people didn’t have to grow food.  Because they could trade for food.  With the things they created.  And like the farmers, they created surpluses.

We traded this surplus of food and artisan goods in markets.  The free market economy was born.  These markets became cities.  As the economy grew capital formation grew.  Banking and finance.  The joint-stock company.  The corporation.  Capitalism.  Which eventually gave us Steve Jobs.  And the iPhone.

The Plough put us in Control of our Environment, Reduced Famine and Improved the Quality of Life

None of this would have happened without the plough.  Because before the plough everyone grew food.  And lived at the mercy of their environment.  Where famine would devastate civilizations because of a bad growing season.  But the plough gave us food surpluses.  That let us live through a bad growing season.  And allowed a middle class to continue to grow.  Improving the quality of life for the first time in history.


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