Destroying the Economy, Destroying Health Care – Obama Trying to Surpass Jimmy Carter in Destruction

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 16th, 2011

We Need 14 million Jobs to Break Even Now and a 6.8% Growth Rate on 100,237 Green Jobs just ain’t Going to Do It

According to President Obama, this is our future.  Clean energy.  Renewable energy.  Green energy.  These are the high-tech, high-paying jobs of the future.  And look how they are growing (see California has 1 in 4 U.S. solar energy jobs, study says by Marc Lifsher posted 10/17/2011 on the Los Angeles Times).

One in every four solar energy jobs in America is held by a Californian, and growth in the clean-tech industry is burgeoning nationwide, a new study said.

In August, California had an estimated 25,575 solar-related jobs out of 100,237 for all 50 states, according to the National Solar Jobs Census 2011…

Nationally, employment in all parts of the solar industry, including manufacturing, installation, residential, commercial and large-scale power generation, grew 6.8% in the 12 month period ended in August.

Wow.  Imagine that.  There’s a total of 100,237 solar energy jobs in the country.  Of course, that number is not so impressive when you consider there are approximately 14 million people unemployed right now.

So these solar energy jobs represent jobs for approximately 0.716% of the unemployed.  For these clean energy jobs to be in fact our future they are going to have to do better than 6.8% growth.  Just to put these 14 million unemployed back to work they’re going to have to grow that 100,237 by 13,866.7%.  That’s a lot of growth.  And it’s never going to happen.

It’s funny how President Obama is all for a mix when it comes to deficit reduction.  Spending cuts AND tax increases.  Has to be a mix.  Because he says you just can’t cut the deficit by spending cuts alone.  Which is preposterous.  When you’re spending too much spending less ALWAYS works.  But that’s another story for another time.

Clean energy.  Renewable energy.  Green energy.  These aren’t our future.  They may be part of our future.  But they aren’t going to be THE future.  Unless you don’t care to have jobs in that future.  Which, of course, we need.  Desperately need.  So, at best, these clean jobs can only be a small part of the mix.  A very small part.  Because we need 14 million jobs to break even now.  And we’ll need more to handle normal population growth.  And a 6.8% growth on 100,237 just ain’t going to do it.

Nothing ever Good Happens to those Being Enticed by Bait (Entangling Federal Grants)

It would be hard for the Obama economic policies to be any more wrong.  But they can be.  Thanks to Obamacare.  Whose regulatory costs have frozen business growth.  And it gets worse (see Mackinac Center: No rush for legislators to create health insurance exchange by Jack McHugh posted 10/16/2011 on the Detroit Free Press).

Gov. Rick Snyder is urging lawmakers to create a state health insurance exchange, which some supporters soft-pedal as a Travelocity or Orbitz for health care. Simultaneously, the Snyder administration is pursuing strings-attached federal grants that increasingly commit the state to something very different — a full-blown exchange compliant with regulations mandated by the new federal health care law. That means the resulting entity won’t be an exchange at all, but rather the agency through which the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s mandates, subsidies and regulations will be administered by the state…

But Heritage itself has exploded claims of kinship with Affordable Care Act exchanges. Heritage scholar Ed Haislmaier wrote recently, “Rather than serving as a mechanism for expanding health insurance choice, variety and competition … Congress has perverted the exchange concept into a bureaucratic tool for federal subsidization, standardization and micromanagement.” Haislmaier recommends that states refuse the entangling federal grants that the Snyder administration is pursuing.

Sigh.  The siren song of federal money.  Can no one resist it?

There’s another word for ‘entangling federal grants’.  Bait.  Ever have a problem with raccoons?  Cute little things.  But not in your backyard.  Because they can do quite the damage.  So you call your friendly trap and release animal control specialist.  To trap these cute little critters and release them in the country where they belong.  And do you know how they get these clever little things into these traps?  Bait.  That’s right, you trick them with something that seems really good to them.  Once they enter the trap the door closes.  And they are then at the mercy of the animal control specialist.  Much like any state that takes these federal grants that come with all those federal strings.

Nothing ever good happens to those being enticed by bait.  Some animals learn to avoid traps.  Being human, it should be easier for us to avoid these traps.  Because we can think.  And should know better.

So it’s Bad on the Jobs Front and it’s no Better on the Health Care Front

The only jobs policies we have are bad policies.  Pouring money into industries that can’t grow fast enough to reduce unemployment.  Meanwhile, we hinder job creation by throwing Obamacare at our job creators.  They have no idea what that thousand-plus-page law will cost.  So they’re doing the only thing they can.  Don’t hire.  Don’t grow.  And sit on cash.  Until the uncertainty goes away.  Or Obamacare is repealed.

So it’s bad on the jobs front.  And it’s no better on the health care front.  Obama is working stealthily to entrench this most unpopular legislation as best as he can.  Whether we want it or not.

Destroying the economy.  Destroying health care.  Looks like he really wants to replace Jimmy Carter in the history books as the worst president of all time.


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