Super Bowl Wrap Up

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 6th, 2011

President Obama said he wasn’t a liberal during his interview with Bill O’Reilly.  And he disagrees with the polls.  And the courts.  He thinks the people want Obamacare.  And that it isn’t unconstitutional.

Jerry Jones may add Jimmy Johnson to the Ring of Honor in the new Dallas Cowboy stadium.  Their differences are behind them.  At least while they were sitting on the FOX pregame set.

The E-Trade baby had his own pregame show with baby versions of the FOX gang.  Humorous shots were taken at all.

That brunette from Glee sang America the Beautiful.  She got a little Christine Aguilera.  She took some…liberties…with it.

Christine Aguilera got real Christine Aguilera.  She botched the national anthem.  Forgot a line or two.  And jazzed the hell out of it.  A big cheer went up when they showed Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan.  I have to believe that cheer was for our military personnel.  Because it couldn’t have been for what she was doing to our national anthem.

There were nice tributes to our men and women serving in the military.  Especially to those away from home.  It’s always nice to see homage paid to these great men and women.

Some football greats took turns reading the Declaration of Independence.  A little history about our founding was given by Colon Powell before and after the reading.  Interesting inclusion to the Super Bowl.  And nice.

Bad reviews were being Twittered just after the halftime show.  It was too long.  And bad.  Based on the running commentary at least.  They tried to get the younger crowd after going with safe old people following the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction.  They’ll probably go back to some old fart next year.

If there is a next year.  The players and owners are still a long way from a contract agreement.  The players’ rep said it was war.  And that just can’t bode well for upcoming contract negotiations.

Franco Harris confirmed that Terry Bradshaw called his own signals when he quarterbacked the Steelers.  Oh, and the Immaculate reception from Bradshaw to Harris didn’t win Pizza Hut’s best play of all time.  Antonio Freeman’ Monday Night Miracle won.

GoDaddy introduced their sexy new GoDaddy girl.  Joan Rivers.  Motorola spoofed Apple 1984 Macintosh commercial.  Roseanne Barr took a full body blow from a log.  A bunch of dogs tended bar and served beers.  And a confused Ozzy Osbourne didn’t know what a Bieber was.

All in all, a pretty good Super Bowl.

Oh, and the Packers beat the Steelers, 31-25.


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