Obama/Liberals want a Health Care System more British while the British want one more American

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 17th, 2011

Fixing the NHS in the UK to be more like that in the USA

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) must be broken.  Because they’re trying to fix it.  Not by making it bigger.  But by making it smaller.  They’re reducing the role of the central government.  And increasing the role of doctors and nurses treating patients.  It’s a program called General Practice Pathfinders.  And its goal is to improve the quality of health care of patients while reducing the cost of that health care (see General practice pathfinders now cover more than half the country posted 1/17/2011 on the United Kingdom’s News Distribution Service for Government and the Public Sector).

If we want better results for patients and a more efficient NHS, then we must devolve power to General Practices.

That means fewer bureaucrats in the business of medicine.  Instead, they’ll be more doctors and nurses.  Less one size fits all.  More of what’s best for you.  The patient.  As determined by a patient’s doctor.  Not some spreadsheet analyst in a faraway Big City.  But by someone in the local community that actually sees you. 

Some distant bureaucrat will not determine your care by looking at numbers in columns.  Instead, it will be by someone close enough to take your pulse.  To listen to your lungs.  To lay a reassuring hand on your shoulder.  Someone more personal.  In a system that is less scary.  Less cold.  Less impersonal. The way it used to be in the United Kingdom.  The way it still is in the United States.  For a while, at least.

And how is that working in the UK?

Patients are already seeing the benefits of local commissioning where consortia have been formed. The Croydon Healthcare Consortium, which serves a culturally and economically diverse population, are already leading the way in improving patient access to diagnostics, treatment and care. In response to feedback from patients, the Consortia was able to introduce a pilot locating mobile screening clinics at six Croydon GP practices to provide heart monitoring and ultrasound.

This has provided patients with greater choice and convenience, avoided long waiting times, high travel costs and expensive hospital parking, and sped up testing, diagnosis and treatment.

Improved access to diagnostics, treatment and care?  Greater choice?  Less wait times and travel costs.   Speedier testing and treatment?  Sounds like it’s a smashing success.  In fact, that sounds like the kind of care that affluent British have been traveling to the USA for.

Of course, to have these improvements means that the NHS had limited access to diagnostics, treatment and care.  Less choice.  Longer wait times.  Higher travel costs.  Slower diagnosis and treatment.  All the pitfalls of national health care.  Everything the critics of Obamacare warned about.  And supporters denied.

There’s a word for this.  Rationing.  And the UK is trying to reverse their rationing by reversing the top-down managed system that is the NHS.  Because the current system is broken.  And they’re trying to fix it.  By moving in a direction that is closer to what we have here.  All the while Obama and the liberal Democrats are desperately trying to move the USA in the direction the UK is moving away from.

The NHS is Dead.  Long live the NHS.  At least its American Version.

So we’re trying to move to the British system.  And the British are trying to move away from the British system.  I think that says something about the British system (it’s bad).  And it says something about the supporters of Obamacare (they’re bad). 

The British system isn’t the utopia liberals think it is.  If the NHS was they wouldn’t be changing it to get “better results for patients.”  Or to make it “more efficient.”  So why are liberals trying to take us there?  Give us an American NHS?  Are they trying to destroy our health care system?  To kill old people to cut the deficit?  Or is it just because they have great big egos?  “Sure, it’s failed everywhere it’s been tried.  But we’ll make it work. Because we’re just so much smarter than everyone else.”

You see, that’s the problem you have when you give narcissists legislative powers.  They legislate.  And then we get to clean up the mess they make.



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