Even Obama Can’t Make Them Stop Hating Us

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 13th, 2010

This just in.  They still hate us. 

President Obama has been trying hard to make the Muslim world love us.  He bowed to a Saudi king.  He downplayed the Foot Hood attack.  He downplayed the Times Square bombing attempt.  He downplayed the underwear bombing attempt.  Gave a confessed terrorist combatant a civil trial.  He abandoned Israel to the point that they’re throwing shoes at his picture in Israel.  And yet they still don’t love us.

James Gordon Meek, Daily News Washington Bureau, writes that they are still plotting against us (see Terror threat to restaurants as Al Qaeda calls for attacks on government workers in D.C. on www.nydailynews.com).  He opens with:

The terror group tied to the Ft. Hood killings and the Christmas Day undies airbomber urge wannabe American jihadis to open fire on crowded restaurants in the nation’s capital to massacre U.S. government workers.

That’s pretty bad.  And scary.  Low tech.  Simple.  A guy and a gun.  Some kid gets dumped by his girlfriend and he’s ready to put a gun in his mouth.  Or go postal.  And what better ideology to be attracted to than a militant one that subjects women?  Of course, not every kid can get a gun.  But he probably can get a car.  Or a truck.  And a lawn mower or two.  For what?

The trucks can be fashioned into “the ultimate mowing machine,” with steel blades welded to the grill to “mow down the enemies of Allah” by running down Americans on crowded sidewalks “to achieve maximum carnage” in a “martyrdom operation.”

Now this is scary.  I mean, they make video games like this.  It would be a very short training curve.

Enemies are not Meant to be Loved

Bush has been gone for almost 2 years now.  And they still hate us.  Want to kill us.  Kill innocent women and children.  Why?  Because we’re Americans.  It doesn’t get easier than that.  They hate America.  They hate Americans.  And they kill what they hate.  Whether George W. Bush is president or not.


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