UPDATE: Obamacare: Stupid or Devious?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 8th, 2010

President Obama told the American people that you could keep your current health care plan under Obamacare.  Turns out that this is not true. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that McDonald’s would have no choice but to drop their mini-med plans under the new Obamacare law unless they got exemptions from the new law.  McDonald’s then did some backpedaling, saying that they made no such statement.  The White House also denied that McDonald’s was requesting an exemption.  Well, they did.  And they got their exemption from the new law (see McDonald’s, 29 other firms get health care coverage waivers by Drew Armstrong, Bloomberg Business News, published in USA Today on line).

Stupid or devious?  Did they not know that the new law would make it impossible to maintain some private health care plans?  Or was it the plan all along?  The evidence continues to point to the latter.  One thing the White House didn’t bank on was the truth coming out so soon.  Hence the 1-year exemptions.  To help Obamacare through the current election cycle.  Then they can dump all over the private health insurance industry and welcome the masses into the federal exchange.

Step 1, destroy the private health insurance industry.  Step 2, deploy national health care.  Step 3, laugh.  You know they will.  Because they’re going to do it against our will.  They’ll show us who has the power.  And they’ll treat us like the bitch they think we are.


Obamacare:  Stupid or Devious?

(Originally published 10/1/2010)

The passage of Obamacare is cutting quite the swath of destruction in its path.  Businesses had to book million dollar charges to comply with the new legislation.  The requirement to insure children with preexisting conditions has caused insurance companies to drop plans for children.  (Not because they are ogres.  But because no one will buy insurance for their kid until they’re sick or injured.  So the cost of these plans will have to equal the actual medical costs.  So what’s the point?  If you’re paying actual costs just pay them directly to the health care provider.  And cut out the middleman.)  And now McDonald’s may drop their mini-med plans.  Because these low-premium policies have the same overhead as comprehensive plans.  Which means they spend more of the premium on overhead costs (as a percentage) than the big comprehensive plans.  So they can’t meet the required medical-loss ratio (the percent of premiums they must spend on actual health care benefits).

The idea was to prevent the ‘evil’ health insurance companies from paying huge bonuses to their people to keep costs down.  But bonuses are the least of their cost worries.  The Obamacare mandate to cover an additional 32 million people is a much bigger cost worry.  Especially when there is no cap on benefits and they’re required to cover all preexisting conditions.  And you know what?  It can’t be done. 

Oh, there will be a doctor shortage, too.  Especially when we add another 36 million or so to the Medicare program.  (If you’re doing the math, that’s an additional 68 million new patients that will need doctors.  Can you say rationing and ‘death panels’?  Someone will have to decide how to use these limited resources.  Replace the hip of an 89 year old grandmother?  Or do the appendectomy on the 21 year old man?)

Obamacare is a train wreck.  You have to ask yourself how did they make such a mess of it.  Well, there are two possible answers.  Either they’re just stupid and these are all unintended consequences.  Or this was the plan all along to kill the private health insurance industry.  So the devious bastards could get their public option/national health care they’ve wanted all along.

You can read McDonald’s May Drop Health Plan by Janet Adamy on the Wall Street Journal on line for more detail.  McDonald’s has denied this, however.  You can read the AP’s Health care law may hamper limited insurance plans by Tom Murphy on Yahoo! Finance for their denial.  Whether or not McDonald’s is considering dropping their mini-med plans (unless they get their exemption) doesn’t change the fate of these mini-med plans under Obamacare.  Those mandated medical-loss ratios could push these very popular plans into extinction.

Lying or stupid.  Either way it’s bad for us.


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