The KISS Army Supports the U.S. Military

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 13th, 2010

A friend of mine took his sister to a KISS concert.  There were big KISS fans some 20 years ago.  Back when some on the Right warned the masses about their ‘devil’ music.  Said that ‘KISS’ stood for Knights in Satan’s Service.  Neither my friend nor his sister were devil worshippers, though.  They just liked the music.  And they put on a great live show.  KISS took the stage to entertain.  And they entertained the hell out of you.

All these years later and they still entertain the hell out of you.  There’s a new ‘Ace Frehley’ and a new ‘Peter Chris’ these days behind the makeup, but Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are still doing it like they did in the 1970s.  Paul Stanley was still bare-chested.  And pretty buff.  For a 58 year old man.  At least, according to my friend’s sister.  Based on her droolage when Stanley wiggled his ass.  And they call men shallow and superficial.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are great patriots.  During the concert, three Air Force staff sergeants walked out on stage.  Stanley said they donate $1 from each ticket sold to the Wounded Warrior Project.  That night, the check they presented to the sergeants was in excess of $300,000.  That was just that night.  They do more to support our warriors.  Far more.  Money.  And their personal time.  When it comes to their support of the military, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley walk it like they talk it.

Now that’s irony.  A band once feared by the Right for being devil worshippers doing good.  One could almost say ‘doing God’s work’.


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