A Happy Capitalist Labor Day

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 6th, 2010

Happy Labor Day.  And thank you businesses for making that possible.  For Labor never created a single job.  Not even a Marxist.  It took capital.  And vision.  And risk.  In a word, capitalism.

Now is the time we pay homage to the great Labor movements that wrested safer working conditions and a living wage from the bad guys.  The business owners.  Who kept their workers chained to their work-places.  Or held guns to their heads to make them work.  Well, not really.  As bad as some of those jobs were, they were still some of the best jobs available.  There were many iron workers who fell to their death from the Golden Gate Bridge.  And many more who camped nearby waiting for them to fall so they could get their jobs.

In a time of record unemployment, a lot of laborers are pretty anxious for some of that capitalism to kick in.  And those with jobs don’t complain.  For I complained about my job until I met the man who had no job.  So if you’re fortunate to be laboring these days, thank a capitalist. While the rest of us thank you for your labors.



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